Horizon Shaped Desk Tops

Horizon Shaped Desk Tops (Classroom)
Horizon Shaped Desk Tops Layout (Classroom)

Layout Options

Model T1 & T2

Product Information

All Ven-Rez student desks are available in 2 trapezoidal shapes. These shaped tops, with softly rounded corners, allow the desks to be configured into circles or semi-circles for collaborative work or creative teaching.

Choose from 2 desk top sizes/shapes:
• Model T1 – 32”W x 23”D for large work groups (18 desks)
• Model T2 – 357/8”W x 21”D for smaller work groups (8 desks)

The Model # for this shaped desk top option includes your 2 digit desk type (5 desk types shown on these pages) followed by the standard frame size of 24” x 18”, and the shaped top design option (T1 or T2)

Example: 21-2418-T2 would be the Horizon See-Through desk with the 357/8” x 21” top for smaller work groups (8 desks & circle).