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Industrial Spider Shelving (Library, Storage)

Spider Industrial Shelving

Extremely versatile structure

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Spider Industrial Shelving System
Substantial load capacity (550–1925 lbs) and a design adapted to manual storage in most industrial and commercial sectors. An extremely versatile structure to which a wide range of accessories can be added. A functional design that ensures ease of use.

Strength + Utility
Both the Open and Closed styles are available in a variety of heights, widths, depths and number of shelves. Every system begins with a Starter Unit and expands with Add–On Units. Note that the shelf-count includes the top (8-shelf unit shown).

Other custom Heights available upon request. Standard colours: black and grey

Please contact us to discuss the configuration that best suits your needs.

Product Specs

No. of Shelves
75 or 87"
36 or 42 or 48"
12 or 18 or 24"
5, 6, 7 or 8