Annapolis Royal Library

The Annapolis Royal Library moved to its new home in the historic Academy Building in early 2019. In its expanded role as a community hub, the library is used by many community groups for various activities.

The library is located in the basement of the building which called for light finishes for the shelving and circulation desk to ensure the space was bright and inviting for patrons.

A requirement to move some units of shelving allowed us to create an impressive curved mobile unit which are placed in front of the circulation desk. These units can be moved separately as required for events or put together to create an attractive and highly functional semi-circular arrangement.

The children’s area is a cozy space that combines kinder boxes for storage and display of children’s books. These units are also mobile allowing them to move from the centre of the area and allow children to gather for story time. We also added some fun wobble stools and bright tables for children to sit and read or for craft work and other collaborative activities.

The circulation desk was a collaborative design with custom made curves maximizing the space and also creating a stylish focal point for the library.

The lobby in front of the library is used as a café and Ven-Rez provided comfortable chairs and sofas as well as drum style tables so patrons can have a space to sit by the fire and have a chat or read their newly checked out books.