Bluenose Academy

Named after the proud sailing ship that is known around the world,  Bluenose Academy staff were quickly handed a challenge at the last minute when selecting the furniture for their new school.  The NS Dept .of Education were embracing a new way of learning, so staff were asked to try to incorporate some of the ideas into their new space and it needed the stamp of approval from education before anything could proceed, there was no time to lose and we were honoured to have been asked to help them meet that challenge. On the wish list to name a few was a need to have student desks that were flexible and would encourage group work, we proposed a new desk design we had developed that would give endless choices of configurations for group work. The library needed to be extremely flexible and multifunctional, so we made everything mobile so one person could quickly and easily rearrange shelving and furniture to accommodate specific needs within the room. There was a request to step outside the conventional teacher’s desk, we proposed our HT series for a more modern look and with a mobile pedestal it gave the desk much greater flexibility. A request from the staff to have something that would be truly unique to their school,   with that in mind and to reflect  the proud heritage of the Lunenburg shipbuilding and sailing community and their namesake,  we proposed several nautical themes that could be incorporated into chair backs in their library and staff room – their choice we think represents  it all –  a simple anchor. Opening its doors March 21st, 2012, this school is a beautiful modern addition to the historic town of Lunenburg, NS.