The Ven-Rez Advantage

A Tradition of Innovation and Quality

We believe that great products are the result of many factors. Each factor playing a key role in the process which leads from concept to design to finished product.

At Ven-Rez we are dedicated to this process and committed to upholding the core values which has allowed our company to not only survive, but to thrive in a competitive industry.

EXPERIENCE – It is often said that there is no substitute for experience and the lessons it teaches. We continue to be its student.

CRAFTSMANSHIP – In an age of mass produced items of dubious quality we continue to focus on the time-honoured tradition of craftsmanship. Preferring to embrace quality and durability over cheap and disposable. We express our product confidence through our Limited Lifetime Guarantee.

INNOVATION – One can never rest on one’s laurels and we do our very best not to. Change is a constant in life and whether driven by form or function we seek to always be improving upon what we do and what we offer to our valued clients.

GRATITUDE – We know that without the dedicated support of our employees and our customers that we could not exist. We are both aware and thankful of the long-term relationships which exist on both fronts and are sincerely appreciative for those relationships.

We invite you to learn more about our company and to get to know our products and our people. We in turn welcome the opportunity to get to know you so that together we can make great things happen.