Cookstown Public Library

Cookstown Public Library Media Display

Library Overview

A lot of beautiful hardwood pieces were used in this library

Cookstown Public Library Wall Display

Reading area & Display

Ven-Rez had the opportunity to do some millwork for this location

Cookstown Public Library Wall Display 2

Stunning Millwork

Ven-Rez constructed and installed this beautiful millwork unit

Cookstown Public Library Wall Display 3

Style and beauty

Another portion of millwork completed by Ven-Rez

Cookstown Public Library End Panel and Media Display

Something different!

A very unique slatwall display end panel, taking the possibilities to a new level!

Cookstown Public Library Layout

An overview

Library layout

Located in a picturesque village which has existed at the junction of four municipalities for over 150 years, the Cookstown Pulic Library moved to it's new state of the art facility back in 2009. With an abundance of natural lighting available, the library trusted Ven-Rez in supplying light wood grained furniture, as well as millwork wall units to complement the project.